Your value creating partner

We are an innovative consulting and research firm that constantly focuses on delivering maximum value to our clients. We combine our deep understanding of the telecommunication and government sector with applicable, practical knowledge to deliver sustainable results.
Founded in the year 2008 during the global economic downturn as a family business, our firm is run lean and we believe in deep collaboration of our team as well as our business partners.

We strongly believe that the best results are achieved on a foundation of a great relationship and shared values.

Our clients value our entrepreneurial spirit, our ability to think and act outside-the-box and our passion to make things happen while setting high standards for our work.

We take pride in what we do. We give our people freedom to succeed. We celebrate our personal achievements as well as company success.

We are your value creating partner.


Sheshala Perera

Sheshala Perera

Managing Director

Amal Perera

Amal Perera

Co-founder, Director Business Operations