The operating environment of an organization has become increasingly dynamic and complex. Considering the complexity of today’s marketplace accurate information is needed to make strategic and tactical decisions. Market Intelligence is necessary for every organization to develop an understanding about their operating environment.

In the knowledge economy of the 21st century a significant part of the assets of organizations are based on intellectual capital. For the market oriented organization the knowledge about the complex and rapidly changing external environment is the most valuable asset of all. Proper management and leveraging of that knowledge can drive an organization to improve its competitive advantage. We deliver you the technology platform for your organization to manage all the information and knowledge resources, information from the external environment as well as internal information assets.

IRIS proactively helps your organization to cope with the ever rising flood of information, accelerate the retrieval of business critical information and make sure that the most relevant information is found and is right at the fingertips of the decision makers for making faster, accurate and successful decisions.

Market information-processing includes information acquisition, dissemination, interpretation and storage. This is the process by which an organization transforms the information it acquires about its operating environment into knowledge.
IRIS facilitates acquiring, storing and communicating business information within the intelligence community creating and maintaining awareness about the current developments in the company’s operating environment.

Collaboration enables a wide range of capabilities within an organization such as knowledge sharing, tapping knowledge sources and coordinate activities across the the organization. IRIS enables the interaction within the organization  creating great benefits such as speeding up knowledge dissermination, encouraging collaboration and communication across functional silos to improve productivity.



Our Applications


The convergence of mobile and cloud computing and the growing availability of wearable devises makes seamless interaction between the virtual and real world possible. Wearable devises like Augmented Reality glasses are capable of sensing and interacting with their surroundings.



Data visualization has always played a key role in exploring and understanding huge datasets. The exponential growth of digital data has made it challenging to digest large volumes of information and extract underlying structures. That’s where VR Data Visualization comes in.


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