Megapode IOT Platform

Capture the digital opportunity to gain competitive advantage and remain relevant in your industry


Cloud-Edge IoT Platform for Industry 4.0

Capture the digital opportunity to gain competitive advantage and remain relevant in your industry with MegaPode Cloud-Edge IoT platform.

Your business objectives

  • Increase asset availability and utilization
  • Increase reliability of operations
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Enhance visibility into key metrics that are impacting the assembly lines
  • Gain insights about factory zone environmental conditions
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase profit margins

Expected benefits

Predictive maintenance

  • Up to 10% reduction in annual maintenance cost
  • Up to 20% downtime reduction
  • Up to 25% reduction in inspection costs

Automated Quality Testing

  • 50% productivity increase due to AI-based automation
  • Up to 90% improvement in defect detection
  • Enhansed flexibility and reduced deployment time

(Source: McKinsey Global Institute)

Megapode supports every stage of the digital transformation journey of your factory: from connecting assets to advanced analytics to self-learning, self-optimizing, autonomous systems.

You can make small and fast steps, test out concepts and move to the next level of digital maturity once a “win” is achieved.

Megapode Cloud-Edge IoT platform

  • enables visibility and control over operational data assets and data ownership.
  • prevents vendor Lock-In to a proprietary technology from individual machinery manufacturers.
  • sustains the growth of high-volume, high-velocity data analytics in industrial IoT environments.
  • enables decentralized, self-contained ecosystems as basis for new business models.
oneM2M compliant architectureoneM2M compliant architecture

Our technology

  • extends the cloud beyond infrastructure latency, bandwidth limits or outright lack of availability.
  • is modular, replicable, and supports rapid, flexible deployment.

Real-time Object Detection

Increase visibility in to production capacity.

Self-learning Analytics

Predict what happens before it happens, move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Live Video Stream Analytics

Maintenance, quality control, training, guiding, etc.

Device management


Resource Planing

Depending on your business needs MegaPode can be deployed

  • on premise
  • on edge data centers
  • cloud based SaaS


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