Enterprise Data Migration

To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to reduce operating expenses and redirect the savings in support of new investments to accelerate innovation in their products and services. IT budgets of organizations are mostly allocated for operating expenses. Therefore underperforming legacy systems should be replaced by adopting innovative and cost effective technologies in order to reduce operating expenses. Data migration plays an important role in the entire transformation process.
Enterprise Data Migration is a key event and a specialist discipline that requires the coordination of many moving parts of an organisation. Data migration projects must be initiated when corporate events like M&A lead to organization-wide data integration and consolidation or when implementation of new business processes require an upgrade of the enterprise IT Landscape. Data Migration projects can occur regularly; they impact business critical data and applications; significantly consume labour and budget and involve considerable risk. Therefore organizations must develop a comprehensive plan encompassing people, processes and technology to ensure the success of a data migration.

We assisted Deutsche Telekom AG in managing a highly complex data migration in heterogeneous IT infrastructure (total project size € 80 million) from strategy definition to deployment. Based on our extensive expertise and best practice we delivered a seamless transformation of mission critical data from aging legacy systems to new leading edge systems with zero downtime.


Amal Perera